Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full FaceBook Launcher Updated to v1.4

Slimmed down some code, Fixed White space in Icon.

That's it :)

Full MySpace Launcher is up!

Just a copy of Full FaceBook Launcher, except for MySpace users!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Text My Location is Ready For Download!!

Friends trying to find you, but you're not even sure where you are? Need a quick way to give directions?
Text My Location displays your location info and lets you text your Current Address, GPS Coordinates, or a Google Maps Link that is easily opened by Android, iPhone, PC, and more!!

Initial Release. Looks like all bugs are squashed from the Beta.

Scan to barcode below on your Android phone to download it for just $0.99!!

Full FaceBook Launcher is on the market!!

Get an icon to quickly and easily launch the Full PC formatted version of FaceBook on your mobile phone!

Added a manual launch button to pre-launch screen in case the app did not properly close last time it was open.

Scan the barcode below to get it for only 99 cents!

Vulgar Insults Texter Free Beta is up!

This dirty, useless app is up on the market!

Sends hilarious vulgar insults to the contact of your choice.

Warning!! Extremely vulgar language!! Hide your kids and hide your wife from this app!

Beta version. There are probably bugs. Please contact me if you find one and include your device and software version. Thanks!

Find it by scanning the barcode on your Android phone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello and welcome to Mostly Useless Apps!

All information about any new apps and updates will be posted here, along with information to contact the developer and submit bugs.